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Cooking Together

Pre Recorded


Videos you can download along with printable recipes or saved to your phone

Recipes can be downloaded right after the class, no more waiting on recipes !

If you've taken a class with me before and never got all the recipes or videos, you can join these classes for 75 % off with all new videos , if you will like to join in ! Just send me proof of the last payment or DM .

These online cooking classes  will last for 15  business days, and will be taught via detailed pre recorded videos. Please note, the recipes along with ingredients  will be clearly stated within the video and exact measurements will be on PDF so you don’t have to write or try to remember anything while watching the video
Recipes send after each session! NEW and UPDATED

Here’s how it's going to work; an exclusive Whats App group will be set up for all members who have paid the subscription fee. If you do not have Whats App you should download it prior to the start of the classes, at least 1 - 2  days before.

You will be sent videos on  Monday, - Friday . I ask that you save the videos to your phone or computer or to any cloud storage you prefer, as I will be deleting the videos from the group chat one week after that initial class, so if you couldn't attend on the original evening of the class, you have one week to come and play and download the video

While creating these videos, and from past cooking classes experience I've come up with some questions which have been asked before and most likely will be asked again, I have tried to provide answers on why I do certain techniques and why certain ingredients are used over the other etc!. It's like I'm right there in the kitchen with you .  
But if you still have other questions, you can send me a message on whats-app or a direct message on any social media platforms , or by email
Most times, I will respond to you right away or probably within 60 minutes other than when I'm sleeping.
Just remember  I'm on EST, and will respond accordingly!

I am SUPER EXCITED and I look forward to TEACHING all of you about Caribbean Cuisine! Especially the cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago.
I can’t wait ! I hope you can't wait either.

If you would like a tutorial on any dish that's not listed, we can get that tutorial to you within a few days! just send us a text via Whats App at +1 (646) 780-9241  or an email at

Private LIVE ONLINE Classes are $40 - $50 per person and up to 2 dishes !

Online Cooking Class
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