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What is a Live Online Cooking Class?

  • Anyone can watch a video or cooking show on TV, but the chefs move so fast it is impossible to follow along in the kitchen without having to pause every few seconds.

  • And what happens if you have questions?

  • A live online cooking class is like having me in your kitchen with you as you cook.

  • The cooking class is live so you can easily follow along without having to pause your screen and you can ask questions in the chat whenever you are confused.

What you get:

  • Full 1 hour or more  live online cooking class , sometimes with unlimited access to the replay

  • An opportunity to ask questions if you are curious or confused about the steps or ingredients

  • Recipe & Grocery List

  • Tips on substitutes and alternatives

  • Q&A with me or with one of the many chefs on board

What is a Pre-Recorded / On Demand Cooking Class

Hurry!!! Hurry!!! The new course starts July 6th, 2020   at 5pm EST

Check the classes below and select the classes you’re interested in. You can select more than one class tutorial.

These online cooking classes  will last for 2 weeks, these will be taught via detailed pre recorded videos. Please note, the recipes along with ingredients  will be clearly stated within the video and exact measurements will be on PDF

Here’s how it's going to work; an exclusive Whats App group will be set up for all members who have paid the subscription fee. You will be send video links of the classes twice a week on Mondays , Wednesday and Thursdays for the entire 2 weeks duration of the course. 

While creating these videos, and from past cooking classes experience I've come up with some questions which has been asked before and most likely will be asked again, I have tried to provide answers on why I do certain techniques and why certain ingredients are used over the other etc!. It's like I'm right there in the kitchen with you .  But if you still have other questions, you can send me a message on whats-app or a direct message on any social media platforms , by email or even by regular text. Most times, I will respond to you right away or probably within 30 minutes. Plus you will have access to all members in the online class via whats-app.

I am SUPER EXCITED and I look forward to TEACHING all of you about Caribbean Cuisine!

Welcome Aboard to Simply Caribbean Online Cooking Tutorials!

If you will like a tutorial on any dish that's not listed, we can get that tutorial to you within a few days! just send us a text 347-881-3228 or an email at

Simply 1
  1. Baked Salmon or Tilapia with a Green Caribbean Dry Rub

  2. Steam Fish with Ochroes & Peppers

  3. Curry Chicken ( TriniStyle)

  4. Stew Chicken ( TriniStyle)

  5. Cornmeal CooCoo

  6. Callaloo (TriniStyle)

  7. Coconut Rice

  8. Carrot Rice

  9. Rice & Peas (Jamaican Style)

  10. Chicken Pelau

  11. Saltfish Fritters (Accra)

  12. Pumpkin Fritters

  13. Aloo Pie

  14. Phoulorie

  15. Baked Chicken Breast

  16. Trini Chinese Fried Rice

  17. Trini Chinese Style Chicken

  18. Trini Chinese Style Chowmein

  19. Okra n Rice

  20. Spinach Rice /Bhagi Rice

Simply 2
Simply 3
  1. Buss up Shut Roti

  2. Sada Roti

  3. Dhalpuri

  4. Pepper Roti

  5. Curry Channa & Aloo

  6. Pumpkin Talkarie

  7. Curry Bodi

  8. Curry/Massala Apples 

  9. Dhal with Yellow Split Peas

  10. Curry Fish

  11. Stew Fish

  12. Fry Bake

  13. Saltfish for Fry Bake

  14. Fry Aloo

  15. Corn Soup (vegetarian)

  16. Spinach & Saltfish

  17. Ackee and Saltfish

  18. Doubles and Channa

  19. Fried Plantains

  20. Baked Plantains with Cinnamon

  1. Coconut Bake

  2. Coconut Sweetbread

  3. Currant Rolls

  4. Coconut Roll

  5. Cassava Pone

  6. Paime

  7. Hops Bread

  8. Basic White Bread

  9. Coconut Drops

  10. Beef Patties

  11. Vegetable Patties

  12. Mini Roast Bakes

Simply 4
  1. Green Seasoning

  2. Epis

  3. Sofrito

  4. Jerk Marinade

  5. Hot Pepper Sauce

  6. Tamarind Sauce

  7. Mango Sauce/ Dressing

  8. Garlic Chadobeni Sauce

  9. Hennessy Honey Sauce

  10. Carnival Wing Sauce

Private Pre Fixed Online Classes can be held at a time when it's convenient for you.
Only $30 per class per person or customized your class for an additional $10
Customization Classes, meaning you can choose your menus and class and we will cook it together Online
You can make payment and then choose your date and time or contact us to see if your time is available for your private class



What if I can’t attend live?

If you can’t make it on the specified date and time, you can watch the replay. More Info coming soon!

Can I ask questions during the live online cooking class?

Yes! This cooking class is interactive and I encourage you to ask questions in the chat box. If you are purchasing or watching an online cooking class replay, you can email questions to

How do I access the Live Online Cooking Class?

Once you purchase the cooking class, you will be sent a unique link to a page where you can view the live video stream, once we start= the live stream, ask questions,

I’m not a tech person, do I need any special software or equipment to view the live video stream?

Live Classes are held on, you will need to download the zoom app

Are the ingredients included in the cost?

The ingredients are not included , make sure you pick up the ingredients at your local grocery store before the cooking class. This helps me keep the cost of the class so low. You will get a list of ingredients and equipment at least 7  days before the class.

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