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How is it done?

Most of our classes are hands-on: Participants will make everything on the menu.

If it's a large group you will be split up into teams and each team will prepare a dish from the class menu, this is not a class where everyone cook their own dish.


If you will like to prepare your own individual dish from start to finish​, then you should consider signing up for a private in home cooking class.

Where is it taking place!

Simply Caribbean do not own their own kitchen.

Most of our classes are hosted in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere ,It's like a dinner party , we all cook together , then sit down and enjoy the dishes we have created.


Our classes are held in  beautiful rented spaces around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Some are private residences and some are event spaces and commercial kitchens.


Locations of schedule classes may change at the last minute to no fault of our own, so please bear in mind this can happen, we try our best not to change location at the last minute but sometimes things do happen and we will need to change location instead of cancelling a class.


Sign up today as classes fill up really quickly.


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