Chef d and Mr B

Simply Caribbean's mission is to share the simple pleasures of authentic, fusion and modern Caribbean Cuisine Online  via LIVE and video series Classes along with small scale catering and events within the East Coast.


Chef D held other jobs but in her heart, she knew she had a passion and love for cooking and teaching others how to cook the food she grew up on,after much researching, hard work and a lot of support from her significant other, Simply Caribbean was born in the year 2005 offering Personal Chef Services, Cooking Classes and small scale Catering


Chef D cooking style is Caribbean Island Fusion with a touch of Southern Soul. Having grown up in the central part of Trinidad, Deb was influenced by East Indian cuisine from her village , creole influences from her grandmother with an European flair from her father.

Chef Bryan and Chef D has a total of over 30 yrs combined in the food preparation business, Chef D brings creativity and artistry to every meal, along with a desire to provide healthy, delicious, and gratifying meals to the clients and to the cooking classroom.

Chef D

"Cooking as a child was one of my fondest memories. Those experiences helped shape the person I am today and ignited my passion for cooking." - Deborah LB

Mr B, is always thinking about the next great recipe

I grew up upstate New York, and never had a Mango until I met Chef D

Bryan Burchell.